This project is geared towards generating art installations throughout SE Seattle, with the goal of instilling pride and a sense of ownership in the community. While there are many agencies doing similar work, we differ in our process.  Our projects are collaborative, and seek to engage as many parts of the community as possible.  Our artists are tasked not only with helping visualize and actualize the installation, but also reaching out to local businesses, schools, organizations and individuals, thereby establishing community partnerships around the installation. 


The result ends up being an installation that is accepted, protected, and supported by the larger community.  

All too often, decisions about a neighborhood or community space are made without the permission or even the notice of the people who live there.  This project challenges that norm, putting the community in charge of the direction of that neighborhood.  

If you have a surface that you would like to install a mural on, please contact us at

If you are a muralist interested in producing an art installation or participating in our Mural Project, please visit this link.

The Hillman City Mural Project took place that past year in partnership with Professional Artist Devon Hale, Seattle Public School District High School Students, Local Business Oonda Coffee and Rainier Beach High School. The mural will be  located on the corner of Findley and Rainier just down the street from the Hillman City Collaboratory.  The piece has also had community participation as various Hillman City residents and business owners came out to the Community Art Paint days.  The mural is a culmination of stories reflecting the question asked, 'What is Community to you?' The overall design was made by the students of the Seattle Public High School. Mural to be installed early September 2019.

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Hillman City

Summer 2019 Mural Project

The Columbia City Mural Project is a 42' x 16' mural located just south of Hudson.  The piece was facilitated by Seattle artist, Emily Taibleson with the help of a dozen local organizations.  The mural is a culmination of stories collected through interviews and activities in the community to extract and highlight the real images, memories, and dreams of the south end.   

Columbia City Mural Project

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