Backstreet Bazaar is an all-ages, monthly festival celebrating the eclectic artistic expression abundant in the south end of Seattle.  Combining performance art, culinary art, and visual art, Backstreet Bazaar fosters an environment for artistic expression and community participation.

This event isn’t just for people to witness “professional artists.” BSB invites you, the community, to participate in art, and to celebrate your talents and gifts as a creative person.  BSB encourages you to try new things, to connect with new people, to collaborate on projects and activities.


Located at The Hillman City Collaboratory, our goal is to create an artists hub for the Hillman City neighborhood, but more than that, bringing the artists and the audience together.  This event will build, and evolve, and be ever changing, and as you participate in it, you will help create it into its own local tradition.


To participate in this event as a visual artist, musician, muralist, engagement artist, go to this link and submit your inquiry.  


This is a great opportunity for emerging artists, or those that have a small series to show!

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