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However, the temperature began to wholesale soccer jerseys weaken in the sun has reached its peak in July, I began to face the Division of Arts. What is worse what is leaking every rainstorm, I drip-being at heart. July's final exam I ever failed, especially liberal arts context, so I naturally turn our gaze to the science. But this is a painful decision, because I had wanted to become a great writer. I choose to science when I heard the Chinese Department say goodbye to my voice, clear and very weak but the slightest, like the sound of loneliness and pain when Huakaihuaxie. I'm not good at making nfl jerseys supply decisions of people, really. I always drag things must be accountable when it began to consider everything in front of the complex. Did not hesitate to choose a small liberal arts, and his decisive hesitate to bring my exceptionally small. At that time I spent a summer slumber fingers began gradually waking up, and I think I can write something. Unfortunately Poets fortunate countries, the sentence will be assigned to the vicissitudes of work. I think I need to continue to fight for my life, so I'm clear on this piece of land full of pain, sharp to the touch. Sun glare in the summer, in the occasional summer storm noises, like the wholesale soccer jerseys Tibetan folk songs, like the high-pitched passionate Shining summer, I gave myself the ideal long-standing, I chose science, when the fingers of his right hand sharply pain showed me. That shining summer, I started writing my "seven days of July in the right-hand man." My lonely autumn That fall I like a man in life. I and many of my friends fight, even though most of the time I have no reason to nonsense. But I like to put their own horns of an impasse as bored. Everyone looked at when I was a new concept and efforts are contemptuous eyes glow, a stitch to stab me. So I like a hedgehog spines erect their own interest and dedication to the poor self-defense. I clearly remember the fall of nfl jerseys for sale the Indus school frantically away leaves, the ground was covered with their orange body. I also remember my friend grimly time to say goodbye, and nfl jerseys authentic turned to step on the leaves, the sound emitted by the fragmentation of under their feet. Science of life is very still, like a lake placid lake. I learned to learn to endure the loneliness calm inside, but write a lot of text. I was very careful in writing, and I said that I must enter the new concept of the finals, I want to work. I do not like the other winners, like saying "I accidentally took the first prize," I worked very hard for my ideals and hard, even though I know I hope for the future is to become a writer slim. A small A told me not to care too much, but I am very concerned about. A friend said I was stubborn like it very scary. Very good people who say: You see GJM look like a hedge? Like ah like, even I feel like. I saw a small text after text is too cold to say you write a little warm, or others looked afraid, in fact, you are a very simple child, only occasionally lonely, does not mean that the whole leaf fell down the forests are . Try to make yourself happy that this world is not against you people. I clearly remember the day my tears fell down, I was crying, nfl jerseys Wholesale as people look down on the eyes, as others do not trust me, as a teacher of the school disagree, as parents and elders say as you will, more is a little support.

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