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9 My life as always, a lot of friends, very bright life, but more and more convinced that the word, the more bright place, the more will produce the darkest shadows. Suddenly into a busy life rhythm, will fly every weekend nationwide various places, my ears suddenly got used to a huge roar when aircraft land and take off, habits unpalatable meal on the plane, lying in the habit of doing Cheap jerseys free shipping an altitude of 9000 meters the day dream. Before I had a wish, after I said I go a lot way to see a lot of scenery, I want to have a place on the map looked truly under the heel. And now, I really take a lot of place, never been to have gone now. I guess I should be relieved. But why my heart is still sad? I was in Shanghai, leisurely life. Learn what aspects of the director, I look forward to one day be able to shoot people in tears works. Free time I would go to the library, looking for those professional books covered with thick dust in wholesale soccer jerseys the rows and rows of long bookshelf. See how scheduling scenarios and see how the lights are arranged. The library has many huge windows, looked out, the birds are constantly landing. Sometimes my eyes, I began to imagine that the light gray feathers covering birds falling gently on my pupil, so I think a small grayish pupil A's. Think of the tree which has been wandering in my memory cherry trees. In bright sunshine, kept Mourning. Sometimes eating pavilion in the quarters following the watermelon, crouched on the railing, a few friends casually talking in there, say something innocuous words, do some optional expression, so I think the day so before. Then suddenly remembered items Andean micro remark: I'm always in my memory of my seventeen eighteen years old, and when I was nineteen, I will cherish the memory of eighteen. Think of Lu Xun said: Such is life when one end ah. 10 I always like to stand on the lawn look east, has been eastward, to the east, I want to see Tokyo Tower mist, scattered no. I always like to stand on the roof Everywhere Cheap jerseys china you look west, has been to the west, to the west, I want to see the home of sunflowers, opened no. 11 I had forgotten the feeling of the train, the plane has sat himself sick. Remember in high school, and I always train A small, quiet place to sleep wrapped in blankets, sleep at night looking out the window to rely on vague outline of black mountains, occasionally scattered in the foothills of the lights dim, or flying by gray iron stop sign. At daybreak will look up the sky, Cheap jerseys paypal wondering if those clouds will move out of a patchwork of memories deep face, the moment could make me lose all languages. Hurried. Sad. Fields have high bird had flapped onto the sky. Young dream as clear as if the lake once innocence and insisted on living. Holding a coffee cup can imagine palm out a flower, fragrance filled as beautiful vines. Learned pottery and mud all day when dealing in the fingers feel the soil hundred thousand turn back. When school girls at the same table and flower arrangement Imagine his lover after she said she would be filled with tiny cactus Prince Charming in the kitchen, holding a soup when the album will quietly wait. I said I would be in Snow White golden roof garden planted with sunflowers, wearing a white cotton skirt for them watered. After saying I laughed, because I suddenly remembered this past summer, I was wearing denim pants white cotton T-shirt beige on the roof of my house planted sunflowers. And now, I can only look up to the sky covered with clouds on the roof. I suddenly remembered Takeshi Kaneshiro, think of "heart," which he always lying on the roof of the rooftop, looking at the blue-gray haze of white sunny skies, and then take pictures, a box of photos, and then gave her, telling her this is what I think of you sky. I stood on the high roof, piercing wind comes, my hand in front of the dust blocked, when the wind is about to leave, I would always talk about it, can you help me find my hometown sunflowers on the roof, do not open, dead and gone, it was no watering them? "Ashes." Ashes of time. Western poison speaking, I want to go back and look, home of peach, opened no. Those makeup of the city, those Xijinqianhua face, on my plane took off, on all occupied. Sensational romance drama is wholesale soccer jerseys always someone to say, my dear, goodbye, goodbye. We always said with a smile hypocrisy. But I finally found the person we seriously say goodbye, goodbye things will never be goodbye. You choose the east, then I stubbornly go west, from now on, have a different situation, their fate was removed in different years, each in a different scars of Cheap jerseys nfl creeping. When the aircraft to bring our memories nine thousand meters of altitude, when the train rumbled crushed our bright youth, I was so sad, sad, cry. 12 Forgive my messy text, forgive me for breaking time.

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