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5 Let me put the text a little confused elegant, light, let us begin to feel I have ever owned, and you're own youth. 6 A little like me and our 16-year-old that summer to walk freely along the city because he had left, returned to Sichuan for him to come back to visit as. And to me, it is wholesale soccer jerseys been living in this place, a little bit of time to watch their city and intertwined, leafy wound each other, no longer inseparable. That summer my side of the road and the small A standing, watching the wind running down the corner, in the evening when the two of us dressed in more than 400 dollars a plain white T-shirt sitting on the roadside stalls full of smoke flavor to eat beef noodles, the boss is very enthusiastic, and we say that a lot of places, I have to speak to him, but just next to the small a laugh, laugh very clear and very nice, like a child-like smile bright and luxurious. This scene three years later, I can still clearly recall, a lot of people a lot of cars around, albeit in the evening, the sun is still hot. Then we'll go to the movies. Popcorn, cola, chips, comedy, when a loud laugh, watch art films, when silence each other, who do not Wholesale nfl jerseys Cheap know who the dark face, that's when I always had a fantasy, I think it would not be in the dark inside, when we laughed out loud when the little a's face is overflowing sad expression, but when we are silent, small a's face was full of smiles, as the dark mantra of blooming flowers. Later, I told this to imagine a small A, the day we were on the bridge, cola, whistling. A small still held out his hand to touch my hair, he said, you are such a person, think too much, so you are always unhappy. God knows what the punishment for humanity's greatest, right? Is to give him unlimited freedom of thought. Decline of the city reflected in the small A neon light gray pupil, the more decadent. See, see. 7 We will never forget those things that, as we never forget the process, which we have forgotten. This sentence is written by Gu Xiang, written in a "Western Paradise", the book is written the story of Journey to the West, many people have told me, to see "Wukong Chuan" to see "Drifting diary." So I laughed, I want to show them, "Buddhist", but the "Western Paradise" was I at home in Sichuan. I told this sentence slightly, is her 19th birthday at the time, that time is wholesale soccer jerseys just after the first time we meet separately, in February 2003, the first winter I University. I came back from Shanghai, Xiao Bei Jill child and ABO back from Chengdu, CKJ back from Beijing, slightly back from Chongqing. A large group of people is still the same as before sitting Damajindao pot shop, loud speech, violent fist. I do not know who is in that laugh, say the stars or the stars, the moon or the moon, people are still that person, dog or the dog. Having a roomful of people laugh, after the laugh suddenly quiet, and only grunt pot of soup is still bubbling. Some tears fell into the oil dish, I turned the other cheek. Slightly ask me, we have to remember the things that we are not always remember. Then I said to her, "Western Paradise" in that sentence, I do not know why they want to say this, I could have told her that we would always be together, to our 80 years old when we went to the arcade to play KOF If at that time there KOF words. But I did not, I like the one of the most vicious witches, talking most vicious Wholesale nfl jerseys from china words. That night I asked a sentence slightly overwhelmed with sorrow, she asked me to head down, is not I do not root? Why is no one place where I belong? 8 In the winter, and I and slightly high school many times on our door, in their school, we just stood quietly, watching countless children Wholesale nfl jerseys paypal wore school uniforms smiling face from us through. I suddenly remembered "EYE" in those two angels with white wings, others can not see them, they are always quietly standing in the crowd, to see who's forehead appeared between Red Star, then that person will love. School or that way, we have a young and fit all scattered in this place, scattered in the lake under the shade of a tree, scattered in the studio complex building, scattered in the piano room, scattered in the middle of the classroom building on the third floor classroom , that have been scattered in the old badminton courts, scattered in the crowded cafeteria, scattered in the relocation of the canteen has disappeared, scattered in an unknown corner, singing sad songs. I said a little before we actually never seriously through school uniforms, always try to avoid the teacher's examination, wearing nice clothes feel on campus rampage. I suddenly wanted to look at their own school uniform, holding a racket, short hair, sweat, drop by drop from a fall look. Suddenly the wind blowing, and I slightly messy long hair floating up. We have done ion hair, I think we like the film a shampoo ad. I told slightly, slightly laughed. I laughed. I looked at those passing by from me strange and indifferent in the face, but you can not see, I can not see anyone's face filled with flowers that I want, I want to see the end of time. But I can see a slight side, I saw her face Here is the indifference of the rushing river, the river mention sobbing into a desolate piano, crossing dusk lengthy lengthy tunnel, under the hot sun through Wholesale nfl jerseys the slender green fields, through the bustling city of stone forest, carrying a bag run through our back, we are scattered across the cycling laughter, through the sorrows and joys obviously destroy destroy, through the rising and sinking impermanence, through the seasons, through the birds, through our long hair, then in our messy feet debris scattered over the ground. Who said that our hearts have already died in the most prosperous Hang moment.

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