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Bedroom phone can prove it. After the military, in addition to Zhang Han Yan bedroom, we did not buy the phone. So the bedroom that phone a hotline has been in the dark state. Like a lonely moment tempted like. Naive freshman had never been seen, I want to wholesale soccer jerseys find the phone number of others do not know what put the shelf, afraid of his own people received the phone is not sleeping much, put your phone number so widely spread the word. Bedroom phone is basically my first semester, Luo Yilin, Xiao Su hotline. Phone sources are old classmates, family members and relatives, can also make us more excited about those boys baffling calls, such as a phone call back, there has a tender boy asked, I ask you is not a bedroom an old pink sweater, white skin girl ah? And her yesterday afternoon, when three and five went to the library? You do not laugh, our bedroom did receive such a phone a certain number of. Looking for the ultimate in Soviet times to a maximum of Shaw and I have two such Luo Yilin legend. The feeling is very proud, and my heart very happy. But most do not bother. More so pay attention to us, the more we want to end high shelf. To the point on the bright sunshine, and who is not. Phone so busy, at the beginning of this situation did not cause me special attention, until a Luo Yilin lying in front of the telephone number of the write side, 28,29 me, ...... 34, world soccer shop soccer jerseys 35 Su Xiao, 33, 34 and easy powder cold, and the remaining 12 the rest of you equally. She statistical distribution of the week our bedroom phone number (we have caller ID). Because everyone embarrassed blatantly statistics the number of suitors would statistical calls. This thing, perhaps the only Luo Yilin work it out. I felt very perilous, ambition is aroused, the day on the Internet, I never call the telephone number is also widely spread now open to the users. I want unlimited development team suitors in a limited understanding of the crowd. Distraction boring way of being unconscious because Luo Yilin and eight by the statistics which evolved into a conscious competition. Which is also the sound of ringing the bloodshed. Women's competition everywhere, they must attack. Later this competition is not only reflected in the number of calls, but also in terms of quality. For example, the first implementation of the requirements Su Xiao phone side of the boys singing the call to increase the fun, Luo Yilin to wait for them to ask for a song skewers. I am from a long-term point of view, I feel I can not do this kind of short-sighted thing, the boys sing a song, but also hurt the heart, the face is also lost, do not believe you try, you give a guy you like world cup soccer jerseys to call him ask you to sing also press speakerphone so that the whole room who finds fault with something, you hurt not sad? You would also like to not want to call him? Care ah. So I call the process of using video machines put songs to them, meaning that Lennon song I love to sing them distracted, this way, my phone more and more, and the two of them gradually disadvantaged. If a woman has a lot of men chase, or she has a special charm, all conditions are cheap world cup soccer jerseys very favorable; or she understands the psychology of men, able to do Zhiyizhibi, know yourself. To the big three four, we turn off the bedroom phone is basically in the state. Now, I do not say anything two days watching the bedroom phone, remember to call freshman crazy day period, the roots have felt old. Chapter 10 silly boys Speaking of freshman boys call caused by the dispute, I have to mention some of the things I encountered on other occasions. Something about suitors. Freshman year, I met a few silly boys. I am also very bored, bored to write them out, we just look. Not money. At that time my heart was thinking about the boys high school. I have a prestigious complex person, because I do not have admitted China's best schools, so into this school when I decided, against all odds, have to find the best Chinese name like a man born boyfriend can not do. This idea has been very firm. Do not laugh at me, called world cup jerseys me stupid worthwhile. The total number of people allowed to have some special hobby of it. I also know the name of school is not everything. But I just like it. Like some people like designer clothes, in fact, that dress style texture are generally, it would not fit her, put does not mean anything, but she would like, how much money are willing to spend, even until the discount also buy down. Freshman, I was kind of psychological about love. Can not come out from the shadow of the entrance to fail, he gave the name of the high school on the campus of hope lies in the "other half" body. One can imagine, then we school boys in my mind is how no status. Exaggeration to say I've never look the other way any one of the boys in the school. Because there is wholesale soccer jerseys no need to look. The whole school boys do not meet my boyfriend to find a precondition, that is - the best Chinese elite boys. And then I do not have much opportunity to know the boys schools, in fact, up to now I still do not have much opportunity to know a large number of Tsinghua University Beijing University students. My high school just like the guy went to Tsinghua University. So, I go with the flow to continue this relationship will go. I am now so I was analyzing his emotions. Freshman without him, no longer like a purely emotional, and evolved into an ideal sustenance.

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