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In this state of mind, I recall met freshman boys feel funny. I think I had to write this attitude suitors may cause part of the reader's unhappy because they may have on the other girls did a similar thing. They will see the following text to worry about when he had to chase the girl would not have so mercilessly mocked them. I hesitated, decided to write it, even if it ruined their image. The purpose is wholesale soccer jerseys to tell others not to chase boys over girls in the process of chasing girls do not make a similar mistake. Men chase women, across the mountains, that is true. I met the first boy is bored in the library. Freshman went to the library one evening as usual. After a while the book. Suddenly a book glide across the table. I saw that says, you look very nice to read, you can know about it? I looked up at the guy, looks not too disgusting. Pen well written word. Unfortunately, misplaced, and so vulgar cotton means. Find romance copy of it? Be careful of infringement to sue you. I like romance, but I hate everything copied to the romance. Romance is a creative. (Narration, said that many boys also went to see the romance is to rent a bubble MM can learn when two strokes. Too vulgar, and if you are unfortunate enough to be perceived in imitation of MM romance plot, you'll find a block of tofu youth soccer jerseys wholesale killed bar.) I looked down, continue reading, calm. He put the book took over. After a child, the book slid in front of me here. It says that you are a foreign language college, right? I feel like I've seen you at what time the party. I looked up again, stressing each syllable to say, I'm sorry, I have never participated in any party. The boys looked at me invincible youth replica soccer jerseys confidence. I saw his eyes on its hands, but not Lover, so confident why ah? Well does not that look okay? If a man is not from the sex industry goes on Do not look any further Zhou's face when the trump card, useless. MM good bubble is not small, and I was a small boy when you do. If your eyes a little shy youth soccer goalie jerseys of taste, I may think you're a little sincerity, you looked at me so cynical, I just when you're bored. (Narration, do not seem too find a girl approached when experience will become very cynical look no sincerity, easily lead to resentment.) I put the book to push past. Ignore and continue reading, calm. Less than a minute, he put the youth soccer jerseys book over the coming. It says, do not look up, we go out, okay? I'm tired, I do not like this guy, do not like this guy. Boring, incompetent, shameless. I closed the book, put back on the shelf, trot out. One out, the young man just out. I do not care, downstairs. This class met on the stairs a girl, she looked at me, looked, and I walked side by side, the guy an ambiguous smile. I have the feeling of being insulted. Want to hurry back to the bedroom, so tiresome man. A library door, he said, do not go so how fast, know about it, I was 99, Department of History, and see you're really familiar, your foreign language college, right? Your phone number? Where is your hometown? I walked in the front, said he has been Debating the side. Because of who appears to be a veteran look. And because of who the real master is never taken the initiative to stick girl. The real master of its own gestures girl Xunsimihuo go. As a taste of the real attractive men will understand that most of the world for him to be able to get a woman in bed, a small woman can make him touched upon, very few women can make him cored. Three theoretical outstanding men. These men to a wholesale soccer jerseys certain extent on the bubble all understand. I looked, and said, I will not tell you. He first stunned, then do so handsome smile. What then walked out of the pen in the book was written.

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