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A wounded beast, it can go to a cave to hide, then licking its own wounds, you stick to, but once they are being, it can not stand. We must have seen this story, we must read it. That lonely autumn tree leaves those chaotic days of fall, I wrote nearly 30,000 words. Including my "three people", "seven", "script", and others. My psychedelic winter When I first put on my favorite hat in the winter cold for the first time, I got the "budding" magazine registered letter. I think I'm Cheap nfl jerseys Wholesale finally going to Shanghai, and to that hangs like Flowers of Shanghai, but the same colors of the floating city to go. For a long time I have felt that everything was very psychedelic, because I have so wholesale soccer jerseys wanted something really fell from the sky in front of me, it was kind of great happiness people can not load. I have a few days to go before the end of my final exam, I used a calm mind can not actually admitted into a top ten whole school year, this is Cheap nfl jerseys china a miracle. And I was home when long distance in Shanghai know. Silver wing aircraft will bring my dream altitude of 9000 meters, I clearly see myself whizzing from Shanghai sky. In Shanghai, I found my "banyan tree" friend a grass, he who was so good, nothing like his writing, so decadent. Similarly, he also told me that I really like a pampered child, nothing like my text. We smiled to each other, laughter Shanghai never black sky white clouds drifting across several flower elegant, exudes a refreshing taste. On the way to take me to a grass Fudan go, he told me Fudan may be closed at night, we could not get it. After listening to my mood suddenly become very trance, like in a dream not catch what the feeling. I said to myself: Fudan University, are we really can not see that I've admitted to the top ten ah. Later we easily into the Fudan door, the guard did not ask me anything, still smiling at me, like I was, like Fudan students. I am happy to death. After I walked Fudan eyes wide open look around, I almost want everything into my head, put everything into a kind of bright, thin thin film into my head, I think I will not forget . Later, after coming out of a grass told me that you were unusually bright eyes, I could not speak to you. I'm very happy for him smile, and say thank you. Nanyang Model High School exam, I live in a very clean hotel, it is wholesale soccer jerseys an old Shanghai wooden loft upstairs when it will hear a loud sounding footsteps. Li Fei and my roommate, we became very good friends, and later he took second prize. There are very nice bar nearby road, both sides covered with beautiful and tall plane trees, the ground clean and fresh. I'll be fine a man walking in the street, sometimes together, and Li Fei. Li Fei, a poet, let us call him now. He Cheap nfl jerseys china nike gave me the feeling is a Cheap nfl jerseys lonely child, sometimes we like each other. 21 awards, I heard his name on the list of where the first prize. When countless shining the spotlight in front of me, I think this winter is more for me exceptionally beautiful illusion. When I say goodbye and Li Fei, he put his favorite poet Hai Zi's poetry to me, is the preliminary work on the title page of his "I'm a spring inside the Beatles." 22, I flew to fly back to my hometown, I once again I am deeply attached overlooking the city, illuminated, lit up my face sometime on the plane. I think I was very happy in the late 2000's, the next day is New Year's Eve, I want to hurry hurry hurry home. I remember so clearly written at the end of the final article.

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