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I Xieni one to see him write quickly. After a while, he tore a piece of paper from a notebook down to me. I hesitated, very curious, took it, saw that says eight digits and a name, and saying: contact me. I did not speak. Head down to the paper very carefully folded up. Fold, then fold, then fold, the young man went on to say, where to buildings? Now back to the bedroom it? I did not answer him, continue to fold the paper. Until folded into one centimeter square can not fold down, then tightly in her hand. Quickly stepped forward. Ten meters in front of a trash can, I hand of a Young, the square-folded piece of paper goes on to throw into it. The man stopped woodenly. I continue to move forward quickly. I think we are very cheap. (Narration, if the woman did not show what a good impression on you, do not rush to take the initiative to leave contact information, or there are youth soccer jerseys only three outcomes, first, contact the spot away. Secondly, you journeying, etc., and she will never contact you, thirdly, she contacted you, because she was ready to tease you or looking for someone to invite her to dinner and she also took a fancy to you because of your youth soccer jerseys cheap possibilities and contact with Earth Mars encounter considerable possibilities the real capital of a little girl will not rush to get to know a young man unsolicited Conclusion: Do not leave the girls favorite encountered his phone number, it is best to look for other phone numbers). I met the second guy is boring in the cafeteria. He asked me to take a napkin, so he made ​​a serious mistake, a man without a meal napkin people feel dirty. He asked: "Students, what can you borrow Zhang napkin to me?" And sat down across from me, staring at me put me looking like a long talk. I quickly think if I ignore him we may know that he is likely to be my boyfriend, so maybe one day I'll roll out my leaves from his mouth and made ​​him kiss my mouth to or lard . This assumption makes me feel very sick. So I threw him to the fastest speed a pack of napkins, and then get up and leave at a faster rate. (Voice-over, in the cafeteria looking MM approached, not to borrow a napkin on the grounds that if the MM and my imagination as rich as you did not want, it youth team soccer jerseys is better to help her buy a drink as an excuse to strike up a conversation. Hello, she is good, is that right? but if she youth soccer jerseys wholesale was silent, focusing instead on boring brain to drinking beverages Spank gone, you can not blame me, I excuse is "unpredictable people." know that I know what's so cool chick ah!) The third guy I met in the study room. My freshman year in college after the study hall three times. There once encountered such a thing. I'm bored sitting in a classroom, watching the pointer slowly walked around and around, and my books turned over page after page, both bored and felt afraid, so afraid not look textbooks, exam how to do. Looking back now, it was really naive enough to, even mistaken liberal arts university exams and textbooks usually see a direct correlation. But on that three self-study experiences made ​​me understand, in college, school is boring, boring class, love is boring, and the highest level of self-study is boring. Pull away. I went to study hall in the middle of the bathroom, came back and found more books spread out on a piece of paper that says a phone number, there is a word "to know about you?" I looked around a bit, no boys within a radius of one meter, there are a number of boys within a radius of two meters, but are buried hard study, nobody Zeimeishuyan give me ogle, even if only hint I note with his eyes what he wrote. No, nothing. I am the only one who took the piece of paper in a daze. I have had several kinds of speculation, such as it is wholesale soccer jerseys in the boys dormitory bet to see if there would be so easy to hook MM. For example, when I turned on the self-study textbooks impatient surrounding what makes me dislike the girl, she decided to get me red. For example, this paper is the other person put to the classroom, but misplaced. I did a variety of ideas. The only conclusion drawn is that the phone can not be beat. I could not even send a note that people who have not read one, if he's a very sour look very bad, I have no time to hide how could give him a call. Then again, do not leave your name does not leave a note faceless, clearly is not sincere. We did not at least also not confident performance. Such men ignore mentioning. (Aside, to leave telephone MM, must take the names written on, then bad nickname should write something, and should reveal a face, whatever the outcome, let MM look at your appearance. Otherwise, if you grow too sorry, but MM in unknowingly pass several phone with you, this is wholesale soccer jerseys a very inhumane thing.) Let me give a few examples of men chasing the girls do not know the campus, there are no little help. Chasing girls this matter, the mind or to put flexible, adaptable, remedy. I'm just a few examples of the above, serve to really master this skill as well as the boys themselves to be pondering, to mastery, to learn and use. Live to old to learn party is a man of character.

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