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We will never forget those things that, as we never forget the process, which we have forgotten. - Gu Xiang Inscription 1 Shanghai recent weather changes Cheap nfl jerseys free shipping so badly yesterday, I was wearing a short-sleeved white T-shirt, and today I wrap the long black trench coat and a. I rode a bicycle on a walk through the deserted campus where large inside 90% of students are from Shanghai, a vacation time to go empty, every weekend when I do not think I will be more than here is more suitable place to wholesale soccer jerseys shoot Ghost. Today, in the rain, rain down the top of her head shrouded, not great, but people feel sad. My hair is all tiny raindrops, passing from the supermarket door when I saw myself in the floor to ceiling windows in the shadow, like white-haired, the moment I laughed. After I finished laughing suddenly brakes, stopped, looking up to heaven, I suddenly thought: Why should I smile? White cement floor a long brake marks. Rain. Green tree. Bicycle riding on my messy hair. Feels like an exquisite MV. 2 Before I was afraid to hear the word old, from junior high school and I was afraid to listen. In fact, think about a fourteen-year-old child should not have in mind is the word old, children of this Cheap nfl jerseys china age should think of McDonald's and Coca-Cola, CD player and never-ending examination test. A little at that time and I together, the full weight of my life seems to be on him. Because for me, he is an elder, he taught me all the things that have condoned all my things. I do not want to be in class when to sleep, lying on the wooden benches in the sun, the smell of wood nose. I'm always very deep sleep in the past, because I know there is a small A notes, as long as I can talk to borrow. A little respect and I have discussed the problem of old, I said I wholesale soccer jerseys am the person will certainly be very early hoarse, all still in their youth squandered when I had to stand in a vague and dense posture, and as the sun, like a little bit gushing into the final color, then dim. In fact, old is everyone's thing, nobody hide under the covers off, just like a rushing river, frivolous things seem to have been floated, but the heavy stuff, but the earliest precipitation down. When I said this when I sat on the bridge and the small A piece of my hometown's most bustling streets, we sat on the railing Coke. I usually use are the most cynical attitude to the most serious life, and few words to say so philosophical, so I finished laughing, and then continue riffraff camel that a thinking human beings, God laughs, Cheap nfl jerseys My God, look at me smile more brilliant. Having also blow the whistle. A no small turned his head to see me, just a faint smile, he was always like this, it never seemed calm, whether a flower blooming in front of him, or overturning a city in front of him. He said I would not, I was never old man. I had to laugh, I laugh with my to express my disdain, held out his hand to the small A touch my hair, like a child in touch. And today, three years later, in Shanghai this bizarre city, far away in a day of remembrance A small Japanese sentiment, I finally understand the small A, he said is true. When 19-year-old I've learned to keep long and messy hair, learned to play pierced ears, learned very commercial smile, learned how funny girl happy, learned to love people smile, do not like people smile, small a is still that way, wearing a clean white shirt, denim pants, cool hair, eyes still clear, laughing as bright as 16 years old. For a lot of people say they like it, they do not like people who face expressionless. I wrote a while, I said I always patiently looked back, stopped for, and then dropped the time I ran forward vigorously. In fact, I was wrong, in fact, the flood volume over time, and I was taken away, and was with the way time flows, erosion, crossed the four seasons, crossed the mountains and rivers, winds through Cheap nfl jerseys usa a beautiful and sad rain, and small a has been left in my seventeen-year-old, has been standing in my memories, my thoughts stand, the station became a smile cherry trees, has been wandering.

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